Its Land

is where its roots are.

Blood Orange production

The oranges cultivated in the proper lands, ripen between mid December all the way till April. The time need for them to ripen make each and every variety unique.

There are different types of Blood Orange of Sicily IGP: "tarocco" orange, "moro" orange and "sanguinello" orange. A vibrant orange tint is common in each and every variety, and there are well known for unique hues and stripes of different colors.

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Where Blood Orange

Is Cultivated

The provinces of Siracusa, Catania and Enna constitute the production area of the Orange Red of PGI which extends therefore for the central eastern part of the island. An area where there are particular climatic conditions that favor the particular pigmentation and an inimitable taste, different from any other orange. It is in particular the Volcano Etnawhich dominates the territory of the plain of Catania, to create the ideal conditions for this cultivation.

The land, in fact, is particularly fertile, while the climate is distinguished by being dry, but with strong temperature changes between day and night. Only the oranges produced in these areas, within the territory defined by the law, can boast of the PGI brand, conferred by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1997.

The cultivation of oranges in Sicily has an ancient history that has been consolidated since the seventeenth century with the arrival of the Arabs, connoisseurs of the thirst-quenching properties of this fruit. Among the types of oranges peculiar to this area, the Red Orange of Sicily has a position of great importance both for areas invested  and for production levels achieved.. 

Present almost exclusively in the eastern part of the island, the blood orange stems from the combination of climatic and environmental conditions unique in the world: high daytime sunlight, low night temperature given by the currents that descend from Mount Etna, lands of volcanic origin. Only in this way does a magic of nature take place: the accumulation of anthocyanins that give it a sanguine color and extraordinary qualities.

The production area of the Blood Oranges of Sicily PGI includes the suitable territory of Eastern Sicily.

In the province of Catania the municipalities of: Catania, Adrano, Belpasso, Biancavilla, Caltagirone, Castel di Judica, Grammichele, Licodia Eubea, Mazzarrone, Militello Val di Catania, Mineo, Misterbianco, Motta Sant'Anastasia, Palagonia, Paternò, Ramacca, Santa Mary of Licodia, Scordia;

In the province of Siracusa the municipalities of: Lentini, Francofonte, Carlentini, Buccheri, Melilli, Augusta, Priolo, Siracusa, Floridia, Solarino, Sortino;

In the province of Enna the municipalities of: Centuripe, Regalbuto, Catenanuova.